Event Fee Changes For 2023

Greetings Las Vegas Region members,


As you know, most things have increased in price within the last few years, and unfortunately motorsport is no exception to this. With that said, the Board of Directors (BoD) of which I am representing, would like to be as transparent as possible about why our prices are going to be increasing.


First off, our club, as with all SCCA clubs, is a not for profit organization, which is unique among most other track organizations. This is why we have and always run solely off volunteer support. That means myself and all of the other members of the club, from the Regional Executive to the few core men and women who plan and run events make zero money from this and are affected by the same monetary changes we are voting on for general membership. 


Here are the general overhead factors that go into our single event costs, please note this is only costs incurred on the event end of things:

  • Sanctioning/Insurance
  • Site Rental
  • Fuel for the bus and generators
  • MotorsportReg fees for registration and event management


Our threshold to break even for Solo (Autocross) events is generally held around the 76+ driver mark whenever possible. Average attendance floats around 80+ drivers at each Solo event, meaning we are fairly slim on a margin of losing money for events so we can maintain affordable events for you, the members. The club’s other means of income to cover overhead relies on a few other places; helmet rentals of which we use mostly to recoup the cost of buying helmets, typically two years worth of event rentals being the point of break even, region dues for SCCA members of which we currently receive $15 per year, per member and lastly merchandise when we are able to produce it.


Starting in January of this year, SCCA let regions know that they were raising two of the overhead costs of our club, weekend memberships and sanctioning/insurance fees. With that, on top of the general cost of living increases you all have seen such as insurance and gas price etc. it has made it very hard for us to at least break even while putting on events as a club.


The final result of all of this as I said is a price increase for events. Starting with the Round 3, February 19th, Autocross driver entry fee will be increased to $60 from the current $50 price. Weekend memberships will remain the same price to continue to encourage new members in joining our region and the SCCA to help continue the club into the future. The BoD maintains that the Las Vegas Region keeps its fees to only cover overhead and any profit made goes directly back into the club in the form of things like new cones, more affordable track days and instructors/driving schools.


As always, if you have any questions please reach out to myself or any other members of the Officers or Board members listed below.


Best Regards,

Brian Newport

Solo Chair/Board of Directors, LVRSCCA


James Eaton – Regional Executive

Enrique Pulido – Board of Directors

Allon Adar-Burla – Asst. Regional Executive

Kevin Saflor – Board of Directors

Paul Durr – Board of Directors

Star Saflor – Board of Directors

Alex Sanchez – Board of Directors

Dennis Fisher – Board of Directors


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