How to Get Started

Come Out To Watch An Event!

  • Our events are free to spectate and you are more than welcome to ask drivers for a ride along to see what autocross is all about.

Ready To Sign Up?

  • Head over and sign up for a FREE account – All SCCA events, and most other grassroots events, start here.

Do I need to be an SCCA Member To Compete?

  • Absolutely not! But there are many benefits to it if you decide you want to continue on your motorsports journey, including cheaper events (no weekend membership needed!) and discounts at various SCCA sponsors. The price of a yearly membership is made up for in just a few events. Head here (SCCA Member Benefits) to learn more

Is My Car Ready For Autocross?

  • That’s the best part! All that’s needed is a car that’s safe and has up to date maintenance. We welcome and encourage all vehicles from the grocery getter econo car to the full prep race car.
  • To make sure your vehicle is ready here is helpful video from Eladio at Gummy Grip
    ( LV-SCCA Tech Inspection Preparation )

What Class Does My Car Fit In?

  • The best place to start is the current years 2023 SCCA Solo Rules
  • If you still need clarification, head over to the Contact Us section and list your car’s make, model, year and all modifications (be specific).

What Does A Day At An Autocross Event Look Like?

  • Our events are run/work events. That means for every run group you drive in, you must work in a run group. Jobs you may work range from picking up knocked down cones on course, handing out timing slips or helping set-up and clean-up of the course. This helps keep grassroot events affordable and accessible for all to enjoy!
  • Our events typically run from 7am-4pm with a morning and afternoon session. A typical day will have 2 run groups, meaning you will drive, work and then get a lunch break in the middle of the day.

Not Sure How To Autocross? Worried About Not Being Competitive?

  • Nothing to worry about! Everyone starts somewhere, everyone gets lost on course and everyone gets dead last in their class at some point. Our events are about learning car control in a safe environment, finding the limit of our cars and our own abilities and making friends along the way!

We Offer FREE Driver Instruction To Everyone At All Events!

  • Making our community faster and better together is the ultimate goal. If you’re having trouble finding your way on course and getting the hang of things, definitely let us know and we will get an instructor in the car with you as long as needed to help you make the best of your event.