Important Notice: 

SCCA Membership cards will now be checked at Registration upon Check-In.   Expired cards or failure to be in possession of your card may result in being charged for a Weekend Membership.
 ( $20 extra ) 

Schedule Notice: 

2024 Autocross and Track Event Schedule


No upcoming coming events for this organization.

  *Some Dates and Locations May be Subject to Change


Members at this coming event Tech will be as Quick and safe as we can make it, here’s what I’m asking of you.

  1. Drivers stay in your cars while in line waiting to be teched
  2. When asked to be teched open hood and trunk for inspection then return to you driving seat.
  3. Tech person will place a event sticker on you car. then go to your parking/ pit spot.
  4. If you have an Annual Tech card just walk up as normal and wait till the tech person gets to you keep your distance from each other.
  5. Remember your car should be in the state in which you are going to race it , numbers /class on doors, nothing inside car or trunk loose.
  6. Members – ALL Rules must be followed to make this event and future events possible, please use masks when required, try to stay 6 ft from each other, and just use common sense to make this event a fun time for all.

Day Schedule:

  • 7:00AM – Registration Opens; Required for pre-registered and on-site registered drivers
  • 8:00AM – Registration Closes;
  • 8:15AM – Tech Closes / Course Closed for course walks
  • 8:30AM – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting for ALL Participants
  • 9:00AM – First Car Out
  • Approx 5:00PM – Event Ends.
    It would be highly appreciated if you would volunteer to help pack the equipment back into the Timing Bus.  Many Volunteers make short work!   Thank You! 

Also note;  Bring yourself water… lots of it… more than you think you will need.  sunblock, hat, shade, ice, etc, would be a very good idea to bring. Stay cool, and Have Fun!   

Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. 

2023 BOD/General Membership Meeting Schedule

Please send all agenda requests to Sec.LVRSCCA@gmail or use the contact form on the web site.

All items for discussion at the general membership meetings should have prepared proposals. Including but not limited to:

  • The New Idea – cost to club and participants, volunteer requirements, equipment requirements, venue discussion, etc.
  • The Complaint – how to fix it, how much it will cost and who is going to do it.