New Drivers – What you Need to Know!

New Driver Guide

See some of the common rules/guidelines you have to follow for your first day.


Note that the helmet rules now require Snell Approved helmets, and D.O.T. only helmets are not acceptable.  At this time, Snell 2010 and newer are required.

(2010, 2015, 2020. M, SA, and K are OK )

Also, if you do not have an approved helmet available, we do have a limited amount of helmets for rent, for $5 for the day.

So…  You ready to get involved ?  No problem.  Just show up.

Our registration starts at 7:00AM for our daytime events, and closes at 8:00AM sharp.  While you can sign up at our events, it is recommended to pre-register beforehand to save time, and also save $20.  You can pre-register using the links in our ‘SCHEDULE’ section.

Also, lets face it… Our summers are brutal.  Therefore we run at night in the Summer.  Our schedule for our night events are:

Note: we will not be having Night events for the 2023 season.  

Registration and Tech opens at 5:00PM
Registration closes at 6:15PM
Novice walk at around 6:20PM
Tech closes at 6:30PM
Mandatory drivers meeting at 6:45PM
First car hits the track at 7:00PM


For the time being, there will be no on-site registration.  only online pre-registration is allowed. 

Our events cost $60 for pre-registered members of the LVRSCCA. ( $65 on site ) If you are not a member, not to worry… we have Weekend Memberships available for $20 extra.  or, you can Join the LVRSCCA for $85 and receive complete National SCCA membership benefits for a whole year.  Just inquire at registration if you would like to join.

Note: For first time drivers, you can click here, and print a coupon for $10 off of your very first event.  Or, enter the Promo Code “noob” when pre-registering on Motorsportreg.


Our events are Work/Run events… Meaning that if you run a session, you will also have to work for a session.  Work assignments can include monitoring cones on the course, flagging, grid, timing and scoring, etc, etc.  It does take quite a few people to run these events, and everyone does their fair share to make it happen.

Being New and Inexperienced is OK! We love noobies!

If you are new, no problem.  We have new people all the time, and you will be taken care of.  We have a New Driver Introduction program where someone will take you for a course walk, and give helpful tips about what to do throughout the day.  This generally starts as soon as registration closes at 8:00AM.  Just ask anyone near the timing trailer for info, and they will point you in the right direction.

At around 8:30AM there will be a Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the timing trailer. You will be given important information regarding the site and the event.


As far as your Vehicle goes, besides tech inspection that is described in the above video, your car will need to be put in it’s proper class.  That part is easy… Just use the ‘Contact Us’ link and give the Year, Make, and Model of your car, and describe all modifications on the whole car that did not come that way from the factory.  

Or, you can go to the National SCCA website and read through the rulebook.  Click Here

Things to Bring

  • A cooler with food and drinks.  There are stores within a couple of miles of the site, however time can be tight.  best to come prepared.
  • Air pressure gauge.  We do have an air compressor available, however if you have your own 12 volt compressor, bring it so you don’t have to wait in line for air.
  • Some blue painters tape… we do have a limited amount, but it’s always best to bring your own in case we run out.  This will be needed to apply numbers and class to your car.