Regional Pro Solo This Weekend!

November 19-20th

We are very happy to announce this weekend, November 19-20th, will be the Las Vegas Regional Pro Solo at Las Vegas Motor Speedway!
Thanks to some help from our good friends at Pronto Timing, Dream Racing and Phoenix Arizona Region we are making a go at having a local Pro event to get people excited for things that may or may not be in the works for 2023.
Obviously being a local event we do not have a tree for the starts and reaction timing, so it will be a good ol’ hand drop Pinks style! For those not familiar with SCCA Pro Solo, it is a head to head drag race start autocross with two mirrored courses running at the same time. If you ask almost anyone what is the best autocross you can do, it is Pro Solo! We will be running a similar format as a National Event with the exception of the challenges that happen on day two. Instead it will be an additional heat of runs for a total of four for the weekend with a total of 8 runs on each side and best times on each side combined together for your total.
Q – Do I have to attend both days to participate?
A – Nope! Your times will still work in the overall event results, you just get a few less runs for a best combined time!
Q – What is the cost?
A – $60 per day or $105 for the weekend! I would like to encourage everyone to give the full weekend a try so you can participate in the real thing next year. Somewhere. On the West Coast. Who knows where…I promise it is the best thing. Ask the people who will shortly flood the comments super excited about this.
Q – Will there be Index Classes?
A – No! This is a bit of an undertaking on the regional level and I don’t want to deal with different classing than usual…

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